Real World Parents

One of the toughest challenges in today’s culture is the journey of navigating the waters of parenting our children.  Let’s face it, parenting is not an easy task, especially for those that desire to raise families with godly, biblical standards.  A recent Focus on the Family survey revealed that 48.9% of Canadian church leaders listed parenting children/youth as the topic of most benefit to their congregation.

Everyday we face opposition from culture’s messages of relativism, individualism, idealism and sexual indulgence, yet we are still called to be in the world, and not of it.  But there’s reason for optimism!

I have the privilege of being part of a network of speakers that have been trained by Wisdom Works and Youth Specialties in presenting an innovative new training series called Real World Parents.  RWP’s is designed to help parents come together to seek Godly responses to the complex challenges of being parents in today’s world, and helps parents and churches engage in a discussion-oriented environment.  Here’s some examples and expectations of what a RWP presentation will cover;

  • Relevant, transferable principals for parents of children age 5-18
  • Realistic, practical next steps, not cheesy ideas that teenagers will roll their eyes at
  • Help in understanding what is really happening in our culture by looking at the latest stats, and what they mean
  • A deeper look at the biblical principles of parenting, and how to apply them
  • How to build trust, independence, proper boundaries and wise decision-making
  • Ideas for how families can integrate faith into their everyday lives
  • Vision of how God wants to use each family to bring His love and generosity to their neighborhood/community
  • Identifies and re-frames the local church as a resource that supports the entire family
  • Revised statistics and trends that reflect the pulse of Canadian culture

RWP Resources

If you’re interested in bringing a Real World Parents seminar to your church or Christian school, I’d love to connect with you, and would be honored to partner with you on the journey of parenting teens and understanding our real world culture!  Contact me @

Got a Question Re: RWP’s?  Leave it here and I’ll respond ASAP!


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