“Should I read my daughter’s text messages?”

“Should I limit the amount of time my kids spend online?”

“How can I prevent my kids from downloading raunchy music?”

These are all common questions parents across the planet are asking, and most likely, you’re asking them in your household too!   Most parents see the need for rules or “guard rails” with their children in every area from toy-time, back yard playing, playmates/friends, and especially media consumption.  Our family has 2 kids in the public school system, and as they continue their journey of growth and experience as grade-schoolers, we have the critically important task of figuring out which guard rails to set….and the best, healthiest way to implement them.

So how do we as parents, trying to set godly and healthy boundaries, implement these guard rails to our kids without going over the top?  How do we communicate the need for, as well as facilitate the consequences for straying outside of the guard rails?  In other words, how strict is too strict in today’s over-saturated media-driven, YOLO culture of teenagedom?

Jonathan McKee, president of The Source for Youth Ministry, posted a 3-part series recently about setting realistic guard rails in the home. Although there’s no instruction manual that comes with our kids @ birth…wait a minute…actually there is…the bible!  However, it can often be frustrating trying to navigate the waters of parenting teens, and although there isn’t a one-size-fits-all book to download from Amazon, I think you’ll find these posts pretty informative and helpful…I did!

Guardrails Are Only as Good as The Road
No Rules by Age 17½
Actually Setting Guardrails

As an added bonus to your pre-Christmas holiday shopping season, Jonathan also revealed some real-life application of what these guard rails can actually look like in his 2-part blogpost, Can I Smash My Daughter’s Cell Phone?

If you want to check out even more great articles and resources like these, then take a visit to TheSource4Parents.com (also a highlighted resource on the Family Corner @ Here & There...).  I hope you find these resources helpful and useful in your household, and in your quest to raise a godly and healthy family!


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