Personal Foul, Unnecessary Conduct

Posted: October 18, 2012 in Entertainment/Media, Sexuality
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There’s a few sports I really look forward to in the fall…hockey, baseball playoffs, the NFL & NBA…but there’s one ‘sport’ I’m hoping falls flat on its face.  The Bikini Basketball Association…yes…bikini basketball!  I’m not sure where to start about how the values and morals of our society have eroded to such a degree that people would invest money into a league that promotes the lust for “sexy athletic ladies from around the world.”  With teams like the New York Knockouts, Hollywood Hotties, and Orlando Lady Cats, it’s not too difficult to figure out that ‘fans’ won’t be as interested in points and wins as much as they are watching ‘players’ run around the court with the anticipation of a uniform ‘malfunction.’

It’s idiotic ideas and corrupted morals like these, this over-sexualization, that are vastly infiltrating our society’s perception of women, and especially the self-image and perception our younger girls have of themselves.  The American Psychological Association describes ‘sexualization’ as;

when a person’s value comes only from his or her sexual appeal or behavior, to the exclusion of other characteristics.”

In addition to that definition, I would also add at the end; “…and for satisfying the desires of others.

So in other words, who cares about athletic skill level, competency, character…but are you sexy and hot in a bikini?  That’s the message the BBA is sending out to women, and it’s a message influencing more that just aspiring athletic young ladies.  Think about the pressures our young 14+ year-old girls are facing today in the attempt to keep up with the frantic and lustful expectations to be sexy, hot, attractive, and noticeable today.  The images and marketing ploys are aimed at raising all the wrong ‘standards’, and lowering the ones that matter.  

Don’t believe me?  Take a look at this article about how marketers are targeting younger girls and women for Halloween costumes.  Just like the base of a cliff, every year the morals and values of our society are eroding and fading away…until eventually there’s going to be a huge mess that can’t be cleaned up!  And don’t even get me started with those ridiculous child beauty pageants….yikes!  What was once tagged as too provocative or ‘offsides’ yesterday, is now seen as no big deal or just part of the times we live in.  But our culture is just providing fuel to feed the desires of lust, immorality and sexual idolatry.  

So I’m hoping, like me, you’re reading this and seeing the unnecessary conduct and offended by the personal fouls of pursuits like the BBA, and the marketers who peddle ‘kiddie porn’ and attempt to seduce our young women into falling prey to the trap of sexualization.  Instead of silently complaining about what’s going on, let’s clamor together to get the word out that this kind of conduct and attitude is unacceptable.  Let’s raise our hands , blow the whistle and yell ‘foul!’…but while our hands & voices are still raised, also point to God’s much healthier standards and morals!



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