Are You Having fun. Yet?

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Entertainment/Media, Youth Culture & Trends
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Keeping up with what your kids are listening to and being influenced by is a daunting task…so much so that many parents give up before they really try.  Let’s face it, there’s so much music and artists out there, where do you begin?  Well you can start at the top…top of the charts that is.  There’s one band out there not only cranking out top 10 hits, but they’re having a whack of fun in the process!  It’s no secret that all music contains a message from the artist, and your kids are absorbing those messages everyday whether they consciously know it or not.  And what better band for parents to aim their search lights on than fun.?

I won’t go too deep into explaining who the band is and what they’ve been up to…I’ll let this week’s Youth Culture Window article do most of the talking.  But I do think it’s important for parents to know who’s making headlines in the music world today, because they’re kids will be buying their tunes tomorrow.  The band fun. has really burst on the scene over the past 8+ months with hit singles ‘We Are Young‘ and ‘Some Nights‘, and were on top of things at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards.  Many of fun.’s lyrics are an echoing anthem of the angst and bliss of teenage life, so it’s no wonder band’s music is resonating with so many teens across North America.  And hey…it doesn’t hurt fun.‘s branding strategy that their name is the freedom call for teens across the planet.

So parents, you may find yourself liking the music of fun., and you may not (think Queen, Weezer, ELO ), but one thing is certain…and that’s the fact that, at least for now, fun. is on the top of the charts.  And with that in mind, it’s likely that fun. will also be high on the playlists (or wish lists) of your teens/pre-teens.  So make sure you know the message behind the music and the artist, and what filter your kids are using to determine what’s appropriate ‘now playing‘ music in their ears.

In case you missed the link above, here’s the article I was referring to when writing this post!


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