Generation Stuck: Re-Defining The Millennials

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Life As We Know It!, Youth Culture & Trends
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There’s been a truck-load of articles and resources lately that have addressed the Millennial generation, although more from an American point-of-view, but our Canadian Millennial culture is certainly on par with our US friends.  Most of the insight either profiles the contributions and characteristics that Gen-Y offers to our culture (tech-friendly, community/tribe-oriented, cause-oriented, etc…), or highlights areas of complaints/deficiencies that the older generations see in their younger counter-parts.  Generally speaking though, we hear about how Gen-Y is a generation on the move at warp speed…the more culture changes, the faster and more adaptable Gen-Y becomes.

Well…the infograph below (props to Accredited Online Colleges!) identifies somewhat of a newer insight into the Millennial generation.  Instead of a fast-paced and forward moving crew, could Gen-Y be a generation that is quickly becoming stuck in the very world they’ve seemed to thrive within?  Again, these are American stats and trends, so not everything is going to completely indicative of Canadian culture.  But the plight facing the American Gen-Y generation is within very close proximity to what we face here south of the border.

So just what exactly are some of the contributing factors for a generation that is stuck?

  • 1 in 4 US Millennials has more debt than savings
  • 13% are unemployed (due in part to more Baby Boomers hanging onto their jobs longer)…yet they have higher education on their resume
  • 40% have been forced to move back in with their parents for an interim period

One issue, not present in the infograph study, is one of maturity.  Is part of the problem with today’s ‘stuck’ generation due to the model portrayed to them by the previous generation(s)?  There’s been much conversation lately about delayed adolescence, and how today’s youth have been affected by the tides of a generation before them.  In a June 8th, 2012 Christianity Today article, this question is posed…When Are We Going to Grow Up?  The Juvenilization of American Christianity.  Although the article targeted the youth ministry movement in America, there is much insight into how Baby Boomers and Gen X have influenced the trends, culture and ‘entitlement’ mind-set of today’s younger generation.  Could there be more to this than we’re seeing!

What are your thoughts?


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