How Today’s College Millennials See Their World

Posted: August 27, 2012 in Entertainment/Media, Life As We Know It!
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The old adage, “the more things change, the more the stay the same” applies in many categories…but the technological culture is not one of them!   In most cities and towns across North America and Europe, the doors to college and university campuses have officially opened for the 2012-2013 school year.  Parents have hugged, kissed, and sent their kids off to (or back to) college with the aspirations that a higher education will equip those freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors in the ever intensifying battle to secure a decent and productive future.

I can still remember  my first day in college, and moving into the downstairs apartment with the anti-soap lady (she made us buy expensive detergents and soaps because of her allergies), as well as my two roomies Pat & Nancy.  I didn’t last long there because after about 12 minutes of meeting each other, Pat & Nancy became BFF‘s pretty quick, which led to becoming FWB’s and really not caring to hide it…so the common room area became a little awkward for Shawn ‘the 5th wheel’ McKnight!  So I moved out and into the house with the psycho daughter…but that’s another story!

Anywho, a lot has changed since I started my first day in the Law & Security program @ Humber College!  Cultural shifts take place in the technology world about every 6-8 months, so suggesting things are different with today’s college students, compared to 15-20+ years ago, is a gargantuan understatement!  And to pound that point home, our friends @ themindsetlist and have produced this jack dandy infographic for our viewing pleasure!

But before I show you the infograph (well if you’re really wanting to see it you can actually just skip this part and ignore everything I’m saying…typing…errr…communicating here and just go on ahead!), here’s some of the key insights I’ve highlighted from their Class of 2016 Mindset List (you can read the full list here).

The Mindset List for the Class of 2016

For this generation of entering college students, born in 1994, Kurt Cobain, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Richard Nixon and John Wayne Gacy have always been dead.

  • They should keep their eyes open for Justin Bieber or Dakota Fanning at freshman orientation.
  • They have always lived in cyberspace, addicted to a new generation of “electronic narcotics.”
  • Their lives have been measured in the fundamental particles of life: bits, bytes, and bauds.
  • Robert De Niro is thought of as Greg Focker’s long-suffering father-in-law, not as Vito Corleone or Jimmy Conway.
  • They have never seen an airplane “ticket.”
  • The paradox “too big to fail” has been, for their generation, what “we had to destroy the village in order to save it” was for their grandparents’.
  • There has always been football in Jacksonville but never in Los Angeles.
  • Exposed bra straps have always been a fashion statement, not a wardrobe malfunction to be corrected quietly by well-meaning friends.
  • The Real World has always stopped being polite and started getting real on MTV.
  • Star Wars has always been just a film, not a defense strategy.
  • They have had to incessantly remind their parents not to refer to their CDs and DVDs as “tapes.”
  • There have always been blue M&Ms, but no tan ones.’
  • Probably the most tribal generation in history, they despise being separated from contact with their similar-aged friends.
  • Martin Lawrence has always been banned from hosting Saturday Night Live.
  • They were too young to enjoy the 1994 World Series, but then no one else got to enjoy it either
  • While the iconic TV series for their older siblings was the sci-fi show Lost, for them it’sBreaking Bad, a gritty crime story motivated by desperate economic circumstances.
  • Simba has always had trouble waiting to be King.
  • There has always been a Santa Clause.
  • Selena’s fans have always been in mourning.


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