Are Video Games Ruining Boys?

Posted: August 9, 2012 in Education, Entertainment/Media, Youth Culture & Trends

Not too long ago I posted about the effects of video games and porn on today’s generation of boys/men, yet the source articles focused more on the pornography addiction, and not-so-much on video games.  The infograph below focuses entirely on some areas of concern from recent research into video game addiction with boys.

Although video gaming is a growing addiction with many young boys/men, I’m not sure video games itself is the problem, but more to do with addictive behavior.  Too much of anything is almost certainly not a good thing, especially when it consumes and isolates you from reality.  Also, I would be interested to learn more about the research that was put into establishing that 3 million+ children are video game addicts…what elements are taken into consideration to define ‘addiction’?  But there are elements with video games that dramatically increase the likelihood of addiction and mirror the rush provided by drugs, hence the concern and attention.

Anywho, here’s some things that stood out to me;

1. 10,000+ hours: As a guy myself, I know how addicting the rush of video games can be, but come on…10,000+ hours of video gaming before age 21?  WOW!  I wonder how many hours are spent studying, playing actual sports, working, and reading the bible??

2. Boys will be boys: I think we always knew boys and girls are wired differently, and the research backed that up re: video games, as boys tend to choose aggressive/violent games as opposed to the choice of girls…puzzles/platform games!

3. 90%: that’s the percentage of children 8-18 playing video games…that’s a lot of kids digging into gaming!

Thanks to the crew @ for the infographic!


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