Most of you are probably dying to look-up the word Plethora…I know it caught your attention when you read the title, and you just gotta know what it means…it’s one of my fav words from a classic flick, and usually people have no clue what it means.  Okay so now that’s out-of-the-way, and clearly had nothing at all do with the post, we can casually move on…

I’ve come across some really interesting articles over the past 2 weeks re: facebook trends (particularly re: facebook’s plans to allow youth under 13 to join the ‘network’), and was saving them for future posts on Here & There…  But I figured, why do 5 or 6 separate articles when I can just combine them all into one neat, concise and info-packed post?  It’s like getting punched in the face with culture, but asking for more…in fact…it’s like a ‘plethora’ of punches to the face!

So here’s the stockpile…enjoy!

Facebook explores giving access to and under– I’ve blogged about this before when addressing the question of what is the appropriate age for facebook?  This particular topic and question has caused quite the stir with parents and youth!

Nearly 38% Of Minors On Facebook Are Under Age Of 13

Should pre-teens be on facebook and social media sites?

Another article about pre-teens & facebook, but with some different info

New facebook feature, ‘Airtime’, offers news ways to connect– seems cool enough, but can also be leaned too heavily upon to allow virtual relationships to usurp real relationships.  But if your family lives long distance and you’re looking for ways to connect with gramma and grandpa…this might be a good option!

Is the World Ready for a Facebook Church?our world continues to evolve and adapt, but I really hope this one doesn’t come to pass on a large-scale.  We’re already a culture lacking in one-on-one connections and accountability, and this ‘trend’ would only serve to feed into that.


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