The Epik Project: Putting An End to Teen Sex-Trafficking

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Education, Faith/Christianity, Sexuality, Youth Culture & Trends
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The folks @ Epipheo have put together a pretty cool video that addresses an issue that needs to be talked about a whole lot more than it currently is, especially within the church.  In our digitally and instantly connected world, there’s a brutal fact going largely unnoticed, or even worse, ignored…that young girls age 11+ all over the world are being trafficked for sex.  Of all the talks and topics I’ve addressed over the years in youth ministry, I think I may have talked about the issue of the global sex trade maybe twice in 11+ years.  That’s gotta change!  Today’s youth, more than ever, have the power to make change happen…and their voices need to be heard!

Recent US stats indicate that 1 out of 4 girls have been sexually abused, which means a quarter of the girls in the average high school or local youth group may have had sexual experiences forced upon them for the very reasons outlined in this video.  The mission and vision at Epipheo is to “reveal truth in a way that changes people’s lives.” So if the truth that’s revealed in this video takes place, it could actually change the lives of thousands of teenage girls in our own cities and towns.

So hopefully you’ll consider sharing this video in order to help raise awareness for the Epik Project.  Together we can all play a part as we stand together against teen sex trafficking!  Perhaps this will ignite an Epik Canadian Project!


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