The Makings of a Successful College Student?

Posted: June 10, 2012 in Education, Youth Culture & Trends
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I’ve been thinking a lot these past couple weeks about the soon-to-be slew of high school grads that will be hitting college and university campuses as freshmen this coming fall.  It’s such a huge time of transition and growth in the life of a teen, as well as a time of freedom and exposure to things previously unknown in the journey of a young person (both positive and negative).  With the hunt for summer jobs, internships and post-secondary acceptance, the race begins to climb the ladder of success in life.

Success can be defined in many different terms by various perceptions and expectations.  But just what does success look like in the life of a college/university student?

In any event, here’s one tool used by Online Colleges that gives potential students a little heads-up on what to expect in campus life and organizing priorities in the areas of work, home, relationships, study, social life, and health.  With these in mind, what else would you place on this list?  What do you think is key in defining success in the life of a college student, both spiritually and academically?


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