I’ve been a huge proponent of the Sticky Faith Initiative from Fuller Youth Institute since they publicized it a couple of years ago.  In a nutshell, it’s about parents/families, youth and churches working together to help make a young person’s faith stick long after high school graduation.  One of the key ways our faith sticks is through the lenses we see our parents live out their faith in Christ.  Other areas of faith formation is through life experiences where we see the power and grace of God at work in & through us.

But what about when we don’t see God’s power at work in us…in fact…what about the times when we make decisions and choices that counteract God’s word?  What does God’s grace look like in the face of failure?

One youth pastor shares a story of grace in the midst of failure in the decision-making of some teens, and the consequences that resulted.  Although God is definitely glorified when we make the right decisions to honor and obey Him, we can also find avenues that honor the Lord and allow His grace to shine in how we respond after we fail.

This is a great vid to watch with a teen, and to talk about the ways we respond to the Lord, and each other, when we fail and sin.   All of us fail, but how parents and adults respond to youth is essential in the faith formation journey in the young people who represent both the future, and the present of the church.

Looking for some practical resources for the soon-to-be high school grad?




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