Without a Trace: SnapChat Provides Consequence-Free Living

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Faith/Christianity, Sexuality, Youth Culture & Trends
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Jonathan McKee’s latest blog post reveals a new app called SnapChat, and what kind of message such a concept sends to young people.  Just Don’t Leave Any Evidence isn’t about attacking a questionable new app, but about questioning how culture is equipping and encouraging young people in their decision-making capacity.  It isn’t enough that our culture is offering constant barrages of opportunities to bend the rules, but now along comes Snapchat that removes any of the inconvenient accountability and consequences.  It also looks to erase any of the life lessons that comes with impulsive, impure and immature decisions…all without a trace!

I guess the cultural mindset is that if you can erase the evidence, then there’s nothing left to worry about…no offense, no foul!  I would argue that the ‘evidence’ or foul is in the actual motive, intent and action…all wrapped up in a traceable package called sin.  Yeah I said it…the politically incorrect word called sin.  Notice I didn’t say ‘mistake’, ‘slip-up’, or ‘oops.’  Like it or not, there is a reality called sin, and it’s what propels humans to do some of the crazy, hurtful, immoral, and wicked things we’re capable of…because after all…it’s sin that makes us capable.

Dallas Willard, in his book The Divine Conspiracy, devotes a chapter to what he calls The Gospels of Sin Management.  This is a classic spiritual formation book, and in it Willard characterizes the mind-set of western culture in their theological understanding of the gospel…that we can ‘manage’ our sin, but the rest of our lives go virtually untouched and unaccountable.  Yes our sins need to be managed, and only the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross can manage that task.  But our lives also need to be managed, and ideas like SnapChat just reinforce Willard’s own words;

we trust God for sin-removal, but for little else in our lives.”  ~Dallas Willard- The Divine Conspiracy~

I just hope we start trusting God a lot more with our everyday decision-making, and look to His word for right and wrong…rather than trying to rationalize and erase our mistakes without conscience.  Christ Jesus is the only One that can erase our mistakes without a trace, and He paid a significantly more substantial price than I’m sure the creators of SnapChat paid…and there’s consequences in rejecting it!

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