Tech & College Life…It Ain’t Kansas Anymore!

Posted: May 19, 2012 in Education
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Ahh…college life…it ain’t what it used to be!   Back when I was in college (my first time around in ’89) the biggest use of tech for the post-secondary student was a tape recorder and stylo-pen!   Boy have times changed since then, as today’s students have drastically more creative means in which technology can be used for that extra edge.

According to a recent article from Mashable’s Sam Laird, today’s post-secondary students are the most tech savvy we’ve ever seen, and most simply wouldn’t be able to hack the school grind without their tech-fix.  Here’s a quick summary of some things discovered from today’s college students;

  • More than 90% use email to communicate with professors
  • 73% say they cannot study without technology
  • Seven in 10 take notes on keyboards instead of paper
  • virtually all students who own an ereader read textbooks
  • most use digital tools when preparing a presentation.
  • 38% of students can’t go more than 10 minutes without checking their smartphone or other device
  • students spent $13 billion on electronics in 2009.
  • Community college students are less digitally connected than students at four-year schools
  • Twelve million students take at least one class online today
  • However, in five years, that number is projected to exceed 22 million. By 2014, analysts say, more than 3.5 million students will take all of their classes online.

All of this data is researched and compiled by Presta Electronics, along with material used from the Pew Research Center.  As for the nifty infograph…that was courtesy of Chronicle of Higher EducationMashable and a few other sources (we could tell you who, but we’d have to take away your tech devices!).


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