This week the world got a double whammy when 2 cultural icons passed away.  On April 18th, Dick Clark died from a heart attack following surgery in hospital.  Clark, often referred to as the ‘World’s Oldest Teenager’, was the face of pop culture and music from the time he burst on the scene in 1957 with his weekly American Bandstand show, and rolling right through the decades (and into our living rooms) with Dick Clark’s New Years’s Rockin Eve.  No one was more influential with young musicians and the music industry as Clark was during 1957- the 90’s.

On April 21st, Chuck (Charles) Colson the world lost another face of culture when Colson died in hospital from complications resulting from a brain hemorrhage.  Colson, nicknamed ‘The Hatchet Man’ from his days as former American president Richard Nixon’s right hand man in office, was instrumental in establishing the world’s largest prison ministry, as well as Breakpoint ministries .  After pleading guilty to obstruction of justice charges in the Watergate scandal, Colson served 7 months in prison, and vowed never to forget his time there, nor his fellow inmates.  Prison Fellowship ministry has many different programs, but the essential goal is to share the gospel with this inside the walls of prisons across the world.  Colson was also one of the most knowledgeable and credible Christian apologists of the 20th century…and I don’t say that flippantly!  Few had their finger on the pulse of post-modern culture more acutely than Charles Colson did.  The world lost a true man of faith and defender of the Christian worldview.

Walt Mueller, a current voice for youth and parents in today’s post-modern culture, wrote 2 blog spots about the impact of these two culture giants.  Take a few moments and give them a read, and see why these two men had such an integral impact on our culture over the past 50+ years combined.

Charles Colson: The Bulldog Who Shaped My Life
Dick Clark: The Gate-Keeper of Youth Culture

I’d HIGHLY recommend reading a couple of classics from Chuck Colson to gain a perspective of his impact and journey of faith, as well as learning from his vast experiences and knowledge.  First, check out The Faith…a simple, yet very profound view on what Christians believe, why they believe it, and why it matters.  SecondlyHow Now Shall We Live? is perhaps his most prominent work, although many would argue that The Body (and the revised edition Being the Body) was/is his watershed book.  You can’t go wrong with either!

The world will miss both these men, but I’d say that the world was profoundly more impacted with eternal ramifications during Mr. Colson’s days.  I don’t know where Mr. Clark’s faith was aligned, but I hope he made the biggest decision of his life sometime before his death, and acknowledged Christ as lord, asked for and received His forgiveness.  I’d love to sit down for a couple thousand years and have a culture chat with these two guys one day!


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