Give Me Freedom, and I Won’t Sneak Behind Your Back!

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Parents & Families
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This 3 minute video from The Source for ParentsRU Listening? video blog responds to a young teen girl from California who basically says to her parents, “If you gave me more freedom, then I wouldn’t have to sneak!”  Most parents have probably struggled with deciding exactly where to set guidelines and avoid being too strict or too lenient.

Take a peek at this quick little episode of “R U Listening?” with a response to Maya from author, speaker and parenting workshop teacher, David R. Smith.

What do you think about Maya’s assertion of more freedom extended by parents=less ‘sneaking’ around by the kids?  Is she on to something…or possibly on something! 🙂  Some parents may need to cut their kids a little extra slack, but regardless of how much or little freedom teens think they have, there is never an excuse to rebel against the ‘system’ and disobey parents for the sake of getting your way (or making a point)!


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