Updates & Thank You!

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Life As We Know It!

First off, I just wanted to say thank you to those that have taken the time to follow my blog, as well as those who take the time to read my posts.  I’m humbled to have friends, family and even folks I don’t know that either follow Here & There, or consistently take time from their busy lives to check things out.  I really enjoy blogging and networking and would likely still do so even if no one was reading, but I have to admit it would kinda ‘sip’ if no one was stopping by!

Did you know?…

  • There have been 108 posts and 7900+ views since Here & There launched in January 2011…
  • There are 11 categories and 208 different topic tags…
  • People are following from Canada (5 provinces), USA (10 states), India, England, Scotland, Australia and I believe one chap in Morocco!…
  • The most popular search terms used to redirect to Here & There are: youth culture, youth slang words, sexting
  • The post with the most views AND comments so far is Born This Way? How the Church Can Respond to Lady Gaga, and Homosexuality
  • Here & There was temporarily shut down for 4 days in the summer due to an error with the WordPress database.
  • I didn’t even want to start blogging in the first place and was slightly cynical towards those who did!

So thank you for reading…thank you for the encouraging emails…thank you for sharing, tweeting, forwarding and finding value in the thoughts, insight and info I share on this little corner of the blog’o’sphere!  Even though I enjoy the wealth of learning that comes from the research and writing, it means much more when you know people are actually reading and sharing in what you have to say…THANK YOU!

Okay, now on to some updates.  You’ll notice I’ve done some site maintenance on the Book Shelf, Youth & Culture and Family Corner sections.  I basically just wanted to clean things up a bit and reduce the amount of page scrolling.  So give it a look and let me know if it ‘works for ya!’

Also updated some content over the weekend;

Family Corner– the new archives section as well as some new resources and News You Can Use!

Book Shelf– Complete with a new archives section and 3 new book reviews; Rick Horne’s Get Outta My Face and Get Offa My Case (both deal with parents engaging with angry and unresponsive teens) and Craig Groeshel’s Weird.

Youth & Culture– yes…there is an archive section!  I’ve also updated the What’s Trending? section (all new music content, and TV shows making social media noise!) and added some news-worthy tidbits, including some thoughts on Kony 2012, Appropriate age for facebook? and a look @ teens & TV stats.

Just 4 Fun– Haven’t decided yet on how I want to tidy up the page…but I did add a couple new vids (Dog Teaser & Build Your Own Angry Birds!)

About?– well…not much to update, but I did add a new family profile pic!

As always, NEW content is highlighted!  Have a great up-coming week and make sure to live it as one who’s blessed!

All 4 His Call;


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