For anyone that works in an office setting, this infograph is a must.  For the rest, it’s a great reminder on how to better prioritize and manage our time when it comes to email.  I can tell you from experience that I’ve wasted many hours responding to, and drafting emails that just didn’t meet the priority marker.  So enjoy this infograph put out by a company who actually banned employees from sending/receiving emails!

I would also add that when you’re thinking of responding with an email after an emotional issue, it’s usually best to either draft it first and send it the next day (after you’ve had a chance to look @ it again), and/or have your spouse or a mature friend give it a look before you send it.  You’ll likely never regret taking a little extra time to let emotions cool, rather than responding with an emotional knee-jerk reaction and having to do damage control afterwards!  Shout out to Kolby Milton for the link!


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