Sex, Marriage & Fairy Tales

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Faith/Christianity, Life As We Know It!, Sexuality
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Got this video from a ministry newsletter today and just had to share it!  It’s a creative video with a very powerful statement about God’s purpose for marriage…not just to make us happy, satisfied, and to fulfill our desires…but to make us holy!  The guy in the vid is Jefferson Bethke, he’s been doing creative videos to get the message of Christ in the streets and in the hearts of people who will hear.  It’s a strong challenge for us to take a biblical perspective on the purpose and sanctity of marriage and sexuality.  While the video focuses on ‘marriage’, it is definitely not aimed at those currently married…there’s a deep message and call to our younger generations to ‘get it’ before they ‘get in it!‘ (the purpose before the proposal!).

Bethke was an internet sensation with his Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus video in the spring of 2011. His notoriety has not gone without some controversy, as his 14+ million youtube views were accompanied with thousands of comments, questions, and even spurred multiple videos, both in support, and in rebuttal to.  Basically he came under fire from many within the mainline protestant and orthodox Catholic communities.  Some felt he was dissing organized ‘religion’, others felt he was airing anti-political sentiments, and still others accused him of being a confused, jaded and misinformed post-modern millennial.  Bethke seems to be a Mark Driscoll protegé, so he’s gonna be ‘to-the-point’, often coming across as offensive to some, and with a sharp-edged Reformers point-of-view.

At the very least, he is a very creative and articulate young man with a passion to discover what it truly means to follow Christ…apart from getting caught in the hypocrisy of ‘dead religion’.  His views certainly strike a chord with those who hear his message, both positively and negatively, and invoke a level of passionate response.  From the other videos of Jefferson that I have watched, I would say he is a young man who is tired of saying he believes in the teachings of Jesus, yet fails to live them out in his life…and is frustrated with others in ‘religious’ authority and influence who do the same.  But kudos to him for sharing his thoughts, and getting the rest of us to think more deeply and critically of our own faith walk in Christ!  Hey, even Jesus was fed up with the ‘dead religious’ systems in place during His earthly mission, and His own brother, James, called ‘real’ Christians to live out a real ‘religion.’

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    God bless us all

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