Top TV Shows With the Most Social Media Buzz

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Entertainment/Media
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The big fellas at the networks have provided their viewing audiences with some memorable, and maybe not-so, moments during this past week.  The Oscars, NBA All-Star game, the Arizona Republican Debate (yeah even some Canadians got dragged into watching them take shots at each other!) just to name a few, all scored big social media points.  TV and media producers know that drama sells, and whenever there’s drama…there’s the social media cyber world ready to deliver the goods.  This past week’s skedz of programming didn’t disappoint, as there was mucho ammo for the Twitter, Facebook, myspace, bebo and the rest of the junkie crews (what about all the tweets and walls posts re: the NHL Trade Deadline dud on Monday!).

You can check out the Mashable Entertainment link, as well as their Oscar follow-up…just try not to get suckered by all the promo ads flashing in your face!

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