Content Updates

Posted: January 10, 2012 in Life As We Know It!

It’s been a while since I’ve sent out an update notice for new content, but here ya go…and just look for the NEW tag to see…well…what’s new!

Just 4 Fun– some seriously fun stuff with Julian Smith, a way cool Christmas card from The David Crowder Band & YS, and the Top 10 Trippiest Cereal commercials!

Youth & Culture– updated What’s Trending? stats, a Youtube rewind video of the top 10 vids from 2011, a new resource from What’s Happening in Canada, and more…

Family Corner– a couple new resources including an unusual parenting tip, a video to remind us of the importance of the generational connect between adults and youth/children, as well as a discussion guide for Rhianna’s hit song We Found Love

The Book Shelf– The new year is always a time where we determine to make some level of change within us…so Dr. James MacDonald’s I Really Want to Change, So Help Me God is a great book to put on your ‘to-read’ list early on in the new year.  Also, if you’re interested in what Canadian youth and younger adults are thinking about religion, church and the Christian faith in Canada, then Reginald Bibby’s The Emerging Millennials is worth the review!


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