Routine Maintenance- Making 2012 & Beyond Your Best Years Yet!

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Life As We Know It!
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Okay, so you might be thinking…”for a guy who just wrote in his last post that he isn’t much of a New Year’s resolution guy, why does he have 2 posts within 3 days about it?”  Well for one thing, it’s not that I’m not into making resolutions…it’s just that I’m not into the New Year’s frenzy of well-intentioned, but poorly followed-through-with resolutions.  The problem with many New Year’s resolutions is that people generally only make them at the turn of the year, and they often get axed within the first 2 months.

It’s not that I’m anti-goal-setting, but I want to be aware enough of what needs fixing in my life as the needs arise, and set about fixing them accordingly.  It’s not just a yearly pronouncement to the world of eating better, working less or stopping something, because with the complexity and tensions of life, I’m in need of fine-tuning year-round!  While that may indeed mean the traditional resolutions of eating healthier, getting to the Y, or stopping an unhealthy or addictive behavior, it also could mean spending more time with spouse/family, less time @ work, more time with God, serving more, or spending less.  These are areas of life that need routine maintenance and attention year-round…not only after over-eating during the holidays and watching too much football!

So hopefully we all resolve to take inventory of our lives on a much more routine basis than only late-December/early-January, and actively pursue needed change…well…whenever change is needed!  And if you’re unsure as to what needs possible change, why not just ask?  Who should you ask you say?  Well you can start with the Lord…I kinda think He knows what needs fixing in all areas of our lives!  Our spouse and family are great buffers for change feedback…and so are trusted friends, co-workers…and for those that are still close enough, in terms of keeping in connection, your parents likely know you pretty darn well!

So with that, here’s a sweet New Year’s resolution infographic (below), courtesy of our friends @ Youth Ministry Media &, as well as a post from youth & family ministry specialist Carey Nieuwhof on 21 Random Ways to Make 2012 a Better Year.  And once again, here’s a little humor at the expense of New Years Resolutionists!

Here’s a couple quick observations from the infographic;

1. The younger you are, the better your odds for achieving your goals.   So that means for those of us that are parents or work with youth, especially teens, we need to encourage them in setting and working towards their goals.  There’s so many teens that I’ve been around and worked with that have awesome dreams that can make such a significant impact in our world.  The question we need to ask ourselves, and our youth, is “How can I help you get there?

2. Nearly half of the Resolutions made are by people not happy with their current life.   With goals like- trying to eat better, get fit, drink less, get a better job, it’s not hard to figure out that these people see something wrong with the current state of things in their lives, and want to make a change.  The only problem (and its a big one!), is that setting, and even making, those goals with not bring the lasting life satisfaction they are seeking.  There’s a much bigger desire inside them (and us!) that needs to be filled…and only Jesus can accomplish that!

What’s your observations?


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