Calling All Men…Please Stand Up!

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

I would be so bold as to suggest that one of the biggest reasons our society is in a state of disarray (and churches for that matter) is because there is a shortage or real men.  I’m not talking about gender here…there’s lots of us males out there…boys…men…but what we’re really lacking are guys that know what it means to be a real man.  Now before you tune out, I’m not talking about rock climbing, ice fishing, video gaming, fixing cars, chasing girls, forgetting anniversaries…you know…those things that kinda illustrate the stereotypical ‘man.’

I’m talking about men who know what it means to stay committed to their spouse, family, job, relationships.  Men who take responsibility, accountability and ownership pretty seriously.  Men who look for ways they can be led by older, wiser men, and then in turn look for ways they can lead younger men.  Men who not only want to play and bond with their kids, but want to lead them…and are more determined to do that than they are in trying to be hip, cool and trendy.

I was truly inspired and challenged this morning in my walk with Christ, my relationship with my wife and kids, and in my influence on the generation of young men (and women) God has put in my path over the years (and years to come).  What will my legacy be as a husband, father and child of God?  What kinds of ‘seeds’ am I planting for my kids…and what kind of fruit will become of those seeds?  These are some questions I pondered as I reflected on a short video from Darrin Patrick based on his 2010 book Church Planter: The Man, the Message, the Mission. It opens with a stroll down memory lane of a budding and healthy church planted in the pioneer days, but within 2 generations had closed it doors.  What caused that once healthy, effective and vibrant church to pack it in?  What parallel can we see from this video that relates to the lives and influence of today’s generation of men…and what can we learn?

The book itself is written with church planters and pastors in mind, but you can’t ignore the resounding call to all men, so don’t let the main theme dissuade you if you aren’t in ‘church’ leadership ministry…if you’re a man…you’re in a position of leadership bro!   I’ve long had a deep desire and prayer to see men rise up and take the mantle of leadership God intended for us to carry in leading our families (the real test…if you can’t lead here…you can’t lead!), and if I’m real honest, it’s something I struggle carrying out on a daily basis.  I’ve grown tremendously over the years…but I still need more growth and wisdom.  The question is…where am I going to look?  If I look to post-modern culture’s definition than I’m cooked!  But if I look to older, mature, wise, godly men…and ultimately to Christ who’s impacted them, well then I stand a pretty good chance for not only my character development, but for the influence and impact to my kids, wife, and those who look to me for influence.

So I encourage, challenge…heck…implore any man reading this to not solely focus on the way things currently are in your life, but on what things could and ought to be!  It’s time for men to stand up and lead like men…stop acting and living like boys and hoping someone else will fix your problems, or even worse, walking away from your problems.  But for men to look to the only source of what it means to be a real man…and that can ONLY be found in the person of Jesus Christ, and those walking in daily relationship with him.  This is not for just a select few men, but available to everyone and anyone who call on Him.  Unfortunately, there’s only a select few that are heading this call to lead as a real man…one who leads by serving, loving, following, leading, praying, committing…and doing so intentionally and passionately.

Will you be one of them?  I truly hope so for your sake…for the sake of your family…and for the sake of the future generation coming behind us.  Brothers…let’s stand!


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