Glee-ing All The Way…Again!

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Entertainment/Media, Parents & Families, Youth Culture & Trends
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I subscribe to a few blogs that I read on a daily/weekly basis, and most of them are in the arena of youth and family culture.  One of the best and most informed blogs I enjoy and learn from is the Youth Culture Window from Jonathan McKee and David R. Smith.  This morning I was reading Jonathan McKee’s post re: Nov. 8th’s Glee episode (‘The First Time), and his thoughts on the highly controversial show.

McKee, who is an author, speaker, avid blogger, and president of The Source 4 Youth Ministry, wrote an excellent and informative post about his thoughts on the show, its messages, and how we as families and individuals can engage the cultural mine fields without becoming collateral damage in the process!  Check his blog post Glee Goes All the Way…Again, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the show, McKee’s post, and how you as a parent, teen, or adult navigate the waters of media acceptability.

As for me and my family…there is no ‘glee’ to be found in this series, nor will Glee creep its way into our family media intake!


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