Worth a Peak- Resources for Parents & Families

Posted: November 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Shepherd Press is promoting 2 excellent parenting resources, one gear for father-sons, and the other to aid parents in presenting a biblical framework as they raise their children.  Time for the Talk equips fathers as they navigate that all-important conversation with their sons.  It’s not just sexuality and the ‘birds and bees’, but what it means to be a man according to biblical standards and how God has created boys/men.  Author Steve Zollos presents fathers with a step-by-step guide in beginning and maintaining one of the most crucial lessons a son can learn from his father. Zollos opens channels of communication based on truth and love that will endure for life so that sons will never have to say, “I just didn’t know,” or “I had no one I could turn to for advice.”

Instructing a Child’s Heart takes the words of Psalm 78 pretty darn seriously!  Reaching out to the very core of your child’s being–their heart–is the only instruction in life that will not hide the truth.  This book isn’t about micro-managing our kids and laying down the ‘my way or the highway’ rules, but rather pointing them to a much greater life than they could ever experience.  This kind of life can only be achieved as we delight in Christ and allow Him to establish our boundaries, character and convictions–our worldview–as set forth from the truth in His word.

So give them a peak, and if you find them helpful and holistic, then spread the word to your friends!


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