Web or TV…Which Would You Rather Lose?

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Youth Culture & Trends
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There’s a popular mixer game we used to play with our youth ministries to get the crowd mixing and interacting.  It’s called Would You Rather, and the premise is simple…ask a ‘would you rather‘ question…get students to move to one side of the room to designate their response…and watch the debates begin when they choose their side!

For example…would you rather;

  • be stranded on a desert island…or…get lost a remote mountain logging road in a blizzard?
  • get grounded to your room for a month…or…get spanked in public?
  • eat a live inch worm…or…drink your friend’s greener?
  • be rich & hated…or…loved & poor?
  • not able to taste anything…or…not able to hear anything?
  • jump from 2 stories onto a bike with no seat…or…thread a string through your eye lids?
Yeah…these are actual questions…and you thought youth group was lame marshmallow games and boring conversation!  But there’s another question that was often asked in the game, and has been recently asked in a survey to teenagers…and you may be surprised by the results!  The question: would you rather have to go without TV or the internet?
You may have your own opinion, whether you’re a teen, parent, or casual observer of culture, of the responses given.  So check out the survey results and let us know what you think…and give us some of your best ‘would you rather?‘ questions!  Personally I could live without TV before internet.  With the net you can watch sports, movies and shows…use your smart phone to stay connected…play games, do homework/research.  It’s pretty much a no-brainer for me!!

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