Gimme, Gimme Never Gets…But It Always Wants

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Faith/Christianity

Gimme, gimme never gets.  Don’t you know your manners yet?

A  US News HealthDay article suggests something most parents already likely knew…kids who have trouble resisting temptation in their child years often end up becoming adults who lack self-control.  According to the 40 year research study, it’s not that the ‘gimme’ kids don’t ‘know their manners yet’, but it’s an impulse within them that just can’t seem to delay gratification until later…they need it NOW! 

“What it tells us is that it’s not that they can’t control their impulses, like in ADHD. It’s probably more associated with their overall sensitivity to how alluring the cue is to them, in terms of the difficulty in not being able to withhold a response.”  ~Dr. BJ Casey~

Of course this study is not a definitive and exhaustive result, as some of the test patients were ‘cherry picked’ from the extreme right and left sides of the spectrum.  It does, however paint a clear picture of the plight of so many people chasing after the ‘here and now’ of life.  But does this study tell you anything new?  I happen to be one of those people who have a tough time delaying gratification…showing patience in the now to reap the rewards of the not-yet.  But is this unique to only certain people, or is this something everyone struggles with at various levels?  This would certainly describe the narcissist…those who are self-absorbed and feel that the purpose of life is to gratify their desires and wishes at moment’s whim.  Or what about the obsessive compulsive who can’t wait for the next ‘fix’…whatever that may be, to stimulate their need for satisfaction and ‘stasis’?

The apostle Paul reminded us that we’re in a constant, daily battle with our flesh, and that obeying or following the desires of our flesh leads to captivity.  In contrast, living by our spirit (the Holy Spirit living within those who have accepted Christ’s invitation of salvation) is what leads to ultimate joy, peace, purpose…and life eternal!  All this goes way back to the garden…the serpent tempted our first parents (Adam and Eve) by taking their eyes off of what they had, and got them to focus on what they didn’t have.  They were no longer content with their current rewards, but started to lust for what they thought they could have, and what they figured they were entitled to.

So I guess the next time we muse over the little kid shouting ‘mine’ and shaking our heads because we’re thinking “poor kid…just doesn’t get it yet” or even “what a selfish, spoiled kid“, maybe we ought to look within ourselves and the patterns of our own behavior.  We may just see a little glimpse of the ‘gimme kid’ within us, and our daily need for the spirit of God to reign in our lives and pursuits…and maybe even a little kick in the rear seat every so often!

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