Liquor & Lip Gloss

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Recently there have been several high-profile stories of young people’s abuse of alcohol, and the subsequent consequences, that has captured the attention of parents around the continent.  But if recent US trends are accurate, it may be the parents of teenage girls that have the most to worry about. 

You can read David R. Smith’s article Liquor and Lip Gloss: The Affect of Alcohol on Young Girls, as well as a 2007 report from the Ontario-based research of APOLNET (Alcohol Policy Network…hurray for Canadian stats!) that address the trends, concerns and realities of teen alcohol/drug consumption.  Although there is an ever-so-slight discrepancy between the US and Canadian findings (male vs. female stats), there are unfortunately vast similarities and shared reoccurring themes.

Hopefully, as parents, we’re engaged and aware enough of the culture around us that this isn’t brand new revelation for us, and that this is only a portion of the wickedness satan wants to entice our youth with.  They key is not dwelling on the ‘what is’ of the cultural trends our kids are faced with, but rather to focus on engaging and confronting the ‘what ought to be’ within that culture.  Whether you believe it or not….parents…you are still the #1 influencers in your kids lives.  I could include a stat or link to back that summation up, but if you google similar wording, you’ll find countless resources confirming this notion.  So go into battle for them…go into battle with them!!!

If you’re not in regular conversation with your teens/pre-teens about culture…please start TODAY!  If you’re uncomfortable talking with your kids about sexuality, drugs/alcohol, relationships, media, etc…then please stop reading this right now, and ask God to fill you with His presence, power and wisdom to engage the spiritual, emotional, and relational lives of your kids.  Do this together with your spouse.  If you’re a single parent, find a mature spiritual mentor you can partner with to fill the void of that missing male/female parental figure (grandparent, friend, pastor/leader, family member).  The important thing is to start the ball rolling now…you can do it!


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