How Big Is Your God?

Posted: September 25, 2011 in Faith/Christianity
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I remember my friend Darryl used to always joke around with everyone (at least I think he was joking!) “my dad can take your dad“, and it was probably true.  His dad was not only big, but he was an…ahhh…interesting fella who was known in the local law enforcement social network!  Although his dad wasn’t around all that much (if you catch my drift!), when he was around though, it was nice knowing you had a pretty big fella in your corner that had your back!  Darryl used to get himself (and often found a way to involve me) into trouble on multiple occasions, and some how, some way, his dad was either always there to help him out, or he found a way to get things done.  All Darryl needed to do was ask his dad to intervene.  I was always intimidated to talk with his dad, but not Darryl, because…well…it’s his dad!  Darryl asked his dad for help in some pretty sticky situations, and most dads probably would not have been able to come through.  But Darryl’s dad was capable of more than many expected…he had connections!

On Friday I watched a quick video clip from LifeChurch’s Craig Groeschel called BOLD Prayers.  He simply talked about our approach to prayer and how, although we have a HUGE God, we often pray very small prayers.  He wasn’t attacking the heart in our prayers (not everyone is a ‘fire storm’ prayer person), but rather the way we pray may in fact reflect how big, sovereign and powerful we think God really is.  It’s not a prosperity approach where we just ask God for things and he comes through in a pinch (like a genie in a bottle).  It’s about evaluating how/what we pray about in measurement with our faith.  This kind of reminded me of my days of adventure with Darryl and his dad.

Example– if I’m praying for God to bless me today, get me to work safely, and help me to get all my work done…well those aren’t wrong things to pray about, but would we really need God to accomplish that?  Fact is that God has already blessed us immeasurably in creating us and giving His life for us at the cross.  If I buckle up, drive the speed limit and don’t engage in road rage, chances are pretty high I’ll arrive alive and just fine.  If use my time productively and focus on using the strengths and talents God has given me, I’m likely able to finish what needs to get done.

What we might need to concentrate more on is claiming and walking in His blessings, strength and power, and surrender to His will on a daily basis and choosing to allow Him to accomplish His will through us (sanctification).  Not that those prayers above are not worth praying, but if those are the bulkhead of our prayers, then the God we’re praying to is pretty small, and likely not able to accomplish much more than we could on our own.  But we serve a much BIGGER God who is able to accomplish much bigger things than we could ever think of doing without Him…and not just for our own benefit, but always to bring Him glory and honor and praise! 

God wants us to be bigger and bolder in our prayer life, our witness, our worship and our daily walk, and He knows we can’t do it alone.  God doesn’t just call us to live for Him, but for us to surrender ourselves to Him so He can live and reign in/through us.  It’s nice knowing we have a BIG and BOLD God on our side, and like my friend Darryl, all we need to do is ask!  Give it a look-see and let it challenge you in the way you pray, as well as your view of just how BIG, awesome and powerful God really is!

  1. Thanks for this post Shawn – I went to their site and watched the entire sermon, it was great. Might I say, just what I needed. Keep it coming 🙂

  2. glad you found value and impact for you…I think we all need the occassional reminder about the greatness and ‘bigness’ of God compared to the situations we find ourselves in!

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