Dancing Parents, and Other Things that Embarrass Their Kids

Posted: September 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

According to a recent article in the UK, there’s certain things that parents do that seem to embarrass their kids more often than not!  Of the things mentioned on the list, dancing was the #1 embarrassing act…I wonder if that includes flash mobbing and DDR as well?!? 

Nine out of 10 teenagers admit to being embarrassed by their parents, with dodgy dancing and public displays of affection top of the cringe list. (UKPA- Sept. 5, 2011)

You can check out the article here, as well as the additional links provided at the bottom of the article. 

For me personally, I don’t remember my parents dancing in public much (must be a UK thing, and certainly before the flash mob days!)…but here’s a few things that would cause some RME (rolling my eyes)!

  • my dad taking his false teeth out to scare my friends
  • my step-mom breast-feeding my sister and brother while my friends were in the room
  • my mom ending a conversation with me, or my friends, with her routine phrases of “keep your chin up…all 3 of them!” and “God speed…but don’t you!”
  • getting yelled at in front of friends…then sent to my room…that was a bummer and playdate spoiler!
  • my dad telling stories to be funny and impressive…you know the ones…”when I played for the Canadians…” or the classic “back in my day…” standbys.
  • my mom telling my life story to complete strangers…which actually still happens to this day…

What were some embarrassing moments you experienced at the antics of your parents?

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