16 And Well-Adjusted?

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Entertainment/Media, Just 4 Fun, Parents & Families
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I remember watching a Tim Hawkins comedy video a while back, and during his performance he made reference to his testimony in Christ, and how you always hear about those ‘sold-out-and-radical’ stories of conversion that leave our jaws dropping in wonder and awe…you know the ones;

I used to sell drugs in east LA, but I accepted Christ in prison, quit the gang, and now have led 14 fellow gang members to Christ

I was a hard-core orthodox Muslim and wanted nothing to do with Christianity, but then my co-worker led me to Christ and since then my family has dis-owned me, but God has blessed me so much and is now using me in incredible ways to.”

“I struggled with same-sex attraction for several years, but Christ opened my eyes to see the sin in my life, and that I needed to choose Him and obey His word, and leave my same-sex partner.”

Please understand that I am in no way, shape or form trying to minimize, or am I skeptical of these stories…there are countless stories of changed lives through the power of Christ, and my own life is one of them!  But the point Tim Hawkins was making was that he was one of those guys who had a ‘normal’ Christian up-bringing, and was offering a connection point (in fun & jest!) with those who’ve heard the ‘power testimonies’ in the lives of others, but felt their own conversion story was less-than-noteworthy! 

Man I hate my testimony…I wish I was addicted to crack!”   ~Tim Hawkins~

What often gets lost in those ‘power stories’ is the devastating trail of consequences from poor choices, and a life lived apart from Christ…so AMEN to those that have done their best ‘since they could remember’ at living out the Christian life, without having to deal with some of the elements of the ‘power story’!

Okay…back to where I left off…well someone else has come along and played some spoof fun by poking fun at those who maybe miss the consequences storyline!  A sketch group from New York called Landline has recently done a comedy spoof of the MTV show 16 and Pregnant, and you can view it below from the Huffington Post Canada site.  If you’ve watched MTV/MuchMusic, you’ll know there are some pretty raunchy shows out there (Jersey Shore, Teen Wolf, A Double Shot @ Love, 8th & Ocean, Living on the Edge, The Real World…..and the list goes on….fortunately MuchMusic doesn’t show near the amount of these shows that MTV does, but there’s more than enough very questionable content on our Canadian airwaves). 

I could go on-and-on about the messages that are sent out within these shows, but that’s another post (you can check out the shows yourself and get a glimpse into what messages they are selling our youth!).  Apparently they too have had enough of the messages MTV’s reality shows communicate, so they shot a video called 16 and Well Adjusted.  It revolves around a girl in high school who is NOT pregnant, actually makes good decisions, wants to go to college, has a healthy relationship with her parents, and is pursuing her dreams.

Anyways, the clip did give me a few chuckles along the way, but also made some sobering realities come to light (whether they intended to be introspective or not…or just funny and sarcastic) about the worldview of many teens, and how they can often be oblivious to consequences and responsibility.  Thankfully, not all teens are like this, and parents play a HUGE role in helping your kids develop healthy relationships (with family and friends), discernment in choices, and moral/social values…so hopefully they won’t be the ones being ‘spoofed’ in real life!

So what did you think of the video…over-the-top…fromage…struck a cord???  If you’re a parent, youth worker/pastor you can also use this talk sheet from The Source For Youth Ministry as a discussion starter with your teens/pre-teens.  So let the conversations begin!!


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