Voyage of the McKnight Treaders- Day 8 & 9 pt. I

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Well I’m still ‘treading’ along trying to get the rest of the cross-country journey of the McKnight’s move to Ontario online.  It’s been a pretty hectic pace around here with visiting, interviews and lots of driving around ‘here, there, and everywhere.’  Since we’ve been back to Ontario on July 11th, we’ve travelled to Windsor, Goderich, Toronto, Oshawa (twice), Scarborough, Ottawa, Kitchener (twice)…and still some more travel/interviews to come before summer’s end!  If you read an earlier post, which indicated why I slacked in getting these posts/vids online during the actual journey from Abbotsford, BC-Goderich, ON, you’ll understand a little more why I’m posting about a trip that happened almost a month ago!

So here we are…still more video issues with converting videos from the Samsung Galaxy to Sony Vegas 9.0, but I’m learning on the fly and should have this mastered in about 3 years 🙂

Day 8

Contrary to the comments at the beginning of the video, this is day 8 of the journey, and we decided to stay in Minneapolis one extra day, as we were all pretty worn out from the past couple days of looong driving.  We spent the early part of the day just chilling in the hotel, recovering from a late night at Nickelodeon World.  After lunch we headed to downtown Minny to check out the sites, and to start the first of a few trips to pro sports fields/stadiums I wanted to visit.  I sweet-talked a gate attendant to let me into Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins, and grabbed some pics during a summer sports camp for inner-city youth.  Minneapolis is a much prettier and cleaner large city than I had pictured, and has some very scenic spots along the Mississippi river with its bridges, parks and skyline.  I wish we could have spent some more time in the downtown core, but the kids were getting hungry, and there really was no place to park without having to pay $20!!

After some cruising around in the downtown core, we headed over to Ikea for a late lunch…gotta love the $2.99 kids meatball meal that fills ya up cheap…and of course the crazy good (and high calorie) oat-chocolate-dipped wafers!  We then took the kids to Waterpark of America…well…I guess maybe I wanted to go as much as they did!…and had an absolute blast there! 

We ended up getting a bit of a deal on the half-day passes, so we splurged and hung out there from 4:30-9pm.  They’ve got this wicked wave rider that lets you surf and boogie board, and a crazy body tube slide that literally peeled my checks across my face as I travelled about 50 mph through an enclosed tube…that quite frankly increased my desire to live dangerously to about 65%!!

On Friday July 8th we checked out of the Holiday Inn Express (thanks again Priceline for another $150+/night room for $67.50!), passed through St. Paul, MN, and headed towards Wabasha, MN…home of the filming and inspiration for Grumpy & Grumpier Old Men!  So that’s about it for this part of Day 8 & 9…I’ll have some details and video for day 9 up tomorrow…and then hopefully the final post and videos for days 10-13 (all rolled into one) as we go from Chicago, IL-South Bend, IN-Detroit, MI-Windsor, ON…and finally…to Goderich, ON!

Enjoy…and thanks for sharing in our journey with us!!

  1. Bety Heppner says:

    Hi Family Mcknight: I am glad that in your travel you have time to have fun too.May the Lord continue leading and guiding in your mission to the States.

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