Voyage of the McKnight Treaders- Day 4 & 5

Posted: July 19, 2011 in Travelling and frolicking about

Hey we’re back…a little later and after-the-fact, but better than never right!  So these are day 4 & 5 accounts of the trek across Canada/US.  We left Arno and Bernice Van Middendorp’s in Calgary around 10am on Sunday July 3rd and hit the road for Regina Saskatchewan to stay overnight with Harold and Charlene Lutzer…the wonderful parents of Janelle Lutzer-Kujawa! 

Abbotsford and the mountains of the lower mainland are certainly in the rear view mirror now, and with nothing but flat fields and the occasional rolling hills in western Saskatchewan, I had to deal with my mountain withdrawal!  Along the way we passed through Medicine Hat AB, Swift Current SA, Moose Jaw SA…as well as such notable places as Crowfoot AB, Bowell AB, Piapot SA,  Antelope SA, Herbert SA, Uren SA (pronounced urine), and of course…Morse, SA…where they have  their own code!  It was a long drive…around 8 1/2 of driving time, which took about 10+ hours of actual time with a couple stops.  In Medicine Hat, we ran into Jeremy Hoos from Abbotsford, who used to be Braden’s pre-school teacher @ Northview Church!!  Jeremy was on his way to do some work in Winnipeg (I think?).

Amy and I were pretty amazed as to how well (save for the 1st day) that all the kids travelled so well.  The Lord did awesome helping the kids stay content, and we didn’t run into any traffic issue along the way…but did come across a few roadkill deer on the side of the road (got a pic of one in the video).  Olivia wanted to get out and try to “resurrect the poor fella”, but due to time…and perhaps lack of faith (not-t0-mention the pool of small intestines spilled out behind him), we moved on!  I was surprised at how quickly the mountain-scape faded in eastern Alberta, and how flat the rest of Alberta is.  Except for some beautiful rolling hills in western SA, you could see for miles and miles across the horizon.  Even though I’m a hard-core mountain terrain lover, there is some real beauty and awe when you look out in any direction and can see for hundreds of square miles.  Another unique (and annoying) thing that you don’t see much the Lower BC Mainland, is the influx of mosquitos and dragonflies.  The front of the van and the windshield were covered with bugs, and every time we got out of the van, the humidity and bugs attacked us without prejudice.  It’ll be nice to have warm summer and warm lakes back in Ontario, but we will miss the lack of humidity and bugs that Abbotsford provided!!

After all the driving, we arrived in Regina around 8:45pm, grabbed some supper, and were treated to our first lightning and thunder-storm in quite some time.  Harold and Charlene are awesome hosts, and in talking with Harold, I had no idea that he was a key part of the Saskatchewan revivals that broke out in the 70’s, and that pastor Erwin LutzerHarold’s his brother…small world!

You can check out some of our adventures in the video, but keep in mind it’s 10+ min long…I had trouble with the setting on my Samsung Galaxy.  Along the way, I got it figured out, so the first part of the videos are pretty sketchy, but after that (2/3 through the video, they are actually in very clear, HD quality), it’s much better.  I somehow lost the video preview settings for the Sony Vegas file, so I couldn’t edit the video and pics clips down a few minutes, so you’ll have to endure a longer vid…sorry:)  But for days 6-7, 8-9 and 10-13, they’ll be shorter and much better quality!!

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