Voyage of the McKnight Treaders- The Road Adventures Begin!

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Day 1 destination Vernon, BC

Away we go…the across-the-countries adventures begin!  We’re ready to start treading across western and central Canada, and then taking a sharp right…down through the mid-west US…then back through Ontario.  But before we start with sharing some stories, pics and vids of the family adventure during this 7…8…9 day trek (who knows how long it will take!!), here’s how this party got started…

Back in November I stepped down as the high school pastor @ Northview Church in Abbotsford. The Lord very clearly opened the door for us to move across the country from Ontario to BC, but it was a tough move none-the-less.  Amy is soooo connected with her family, and leaving behind parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins was a very difficult thing for us to do as a family.  But the Lord opened the door and we went through it, and even though there were some rough times, there were many more seasons of growth, learning, and connection for myself, and for our family.  So fast-forward to June and after many emails, calls, interviews and conversations from churches, we decided that if we were going to start all over again in another church, community and school for the kids…we may as well move back to Ontario where we can me much closer to our families.  And so we made out plans, but fully prepared to be flexible should the Lord want to interrupt those plans for something better He has in store for us.  But unless we heard otherwise from Him…we’re treading on ahead to Ontario!

And that’s the events that culminated to moving day on June 30th, 2011.  So…here we go…day 1 of the Voyage of the McKnight Treaders (pretty original ‘eh!).  Day 1 ‘officially’ started on June 30th, but really ‘initiated’ on June 18th with a farewell party The Kujawas hosted, and lent the opportunity to say goodbye to so many friends we’ve made along the journey here in Abbotsford. 

On Tuesday June 28th,  the moving truck arrived @ 10am, and departed approx. 6pm that evening…and let’s just say I still have a phone call to make to the moving company…but let’s not throw rain on the party!  Amidst all of the moving, stress and chaos, we also spent time cleaning and making last minute arrangements.  Marilyn and Rudy Kampen blessed us so much by opening their home to us and taking us in for 2 days as family.  I’m not sure what Amy would have done without Marilyn that week, as she looked after Julia quite a bit so Amy could focus on the details at-hand.  Daryl & Corina Kropp, Darren & Carmen Koop, and Todd & Janelle Kujawa were also huge in taking our kids for ‘shifts’ during that week and ‘releasing’ us to ‘get thing done’.

Okay…the moving truck has come and gone…now June 29th is the big cleaning day and picking up the U-Haul trailer, and hauling a load of garbage to the city dump.  Anyone who’s ever rented ANYTHING from U-Haul likely has had an issue…so let’s just leave it at that!  I will tell you that my ordeal with them cost me about 6-7 hours of our time, and set us back about a half-day.  So the dump had to wait until Thursday morning, which also meant that I couldn’t load the trailer until Thursday, instead of Wednesday night.  Wednesday was also the final day of school for Olivia and Braden, and that was not an easy day. Olivia has lived in Abby for half of her 7 ½ years, and Braden has spent 4 out-of his 5 ½ years of life in Abbotsford.  Needless to say, that final week of school, leading up to Wednesday, was filled with good-byes from teachers, friends and parents (for Amy)…and also a few tears.  Wednesday concluded with some great cooking by Marilyn, and got to hang out with the Kampens and Darcy & Jodi Kuhn…and ended the night with a time of prayer together with our families.

Thursday June 30th…the official day of departing Abbotsford…and what a tough day that was…and still is for us all.  There was much last-minute rushing around to do, well as saying goodbye to more friends, and the final loading.  It was also one last visit with the Kujawas, who have become adopted family for us…and sitting on the couch and watching the video that Todd, Janelle, Kourtney and Shaelyn made for us…well there weren’t many dry eyes.

So after a couple of last-minute forgotten items were tended to, we loaded the van, prayed and committed our journey to the Lord, and made our way to the Trans-Canada highway…but not before a Mickie D’s run!!  We’re on our way to Best Western Conference hotel in Vernon, then head to Banff on Friday.

We’ll try to have an update every other day, as web access is available.  See ya soon!

Shawn, Amy, Olivia, Braden and Julia


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