Site Updates

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

I haven’t sent out an update notice for a while, so I apologize to those who may not have known about some of the content additions over the past few weeks.

Blog Post– a look @ the recent New York Times article titled ‘Coming Out’: Gay Teenagers, In Their Own Words.  Features interviews with teens who have decided to publicly come out and declare their alternative lifestyle decision.  My hope is for Christians to have a knowledgable perception of the cultural pulse so we can form an educated and biblically accurate response.

Just 4 Funhave you ever noticed that some pretty eclectic folks hang out @ Walmart?  You gotta see The People of Walmart video!

Family Corneran article from Jonathan McKee-How is Technology Impacting Your Family? and a resource from Doing Family RightDr. Dave & Friends– video interviews with some of North America’s most influential leaders in marriage and family ministry (click Wise Parents link)

Youth & Cultureupdated stats for the What’s Trending? section are posted, as well as a new Hot Button Question of the Week- Why Does God Allow People to Suffer?

The Book Shelfthe newest review is on a book called Somewhere More Holy : Stories from a Bewildered Father, Stumbling Husband, Reluctant Handyman, and Prodigal Son by author Tony Woodlief 



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