So you’re reading the title of this post, and then are likely (if you have some knowledge of New Testament writings) thinking to yourself…”wait a minute…aren’t there only 7 letters in the book of Revelation?”  You would be absolutely correct, as the book of Revelation is, among other revelations from Jesus, a collection of letters written to seven different churches re: future events concerning the church, and the end times of the world.   If you wish to learn more in-depth background into the history, context and interpretation of Revelation, you can check out the following resources;

Okay, so back to my train of thought on this post…so I’m reading this article about a conference that was held in Toronto during the fall of 2010 called The Eighth Letter Conference.  The vision of the conference was to bring together a group of Christian thinkers and artists that would be tasked with ‘adding’ an 8th letter to the book of Revelation’s letters to the seven churches. Participants had to create an Eighth letter that was shorter than 15-minutes, with the author’s most pressing message to the North American church (as the purpose of the 7 letters in Revelation was a message to those 7 churches addressed).  Sounds pretty cool eh!  I mean think of the creative juices flowing from an eclectic group of Christian thinkers, who in their own words, and based on their interpretations of culture as they know, experience and study, write what they think Christ would say to the church of North America today!

One of the ‘letters’ was written by Jason Pearson, a creative designer from a company called PEARpod, whose mission is to “make great stuff that has eternal results.”  The letter Pearson wrote is in the form of a nine-minute video that launches viewers on a fast-paced journey through the marketing-saturated culture we live in.  The end-goal is to challenge North American Christians (and anyone ‘reading’) to consider what it would mean to live out a biblical world and life view through the lense of our cultural messages, but in submission and alignment with God’s Word.

What are your thoughts on what message Jesus would want to give to our NA churches today?

Here’s some questions from the May/June SimplyYouthCulture newsletter (a partnership with Simply Youth Ministry, Group Magazine & CPYU) to help fuel some reflection;

  • What was the main issue that occasioned this Eighth Letter to you and the church in North America?
  • Does the video tell us about who we are as a culture & how our culture shapes us? Do you agree? Disagree? Why?
  • What image from the video hit you the hardest? Why?
  • What textual message from the video hit you the hardest? Why?
  • What lyrical message from the video’s mix track hit you the hardest? Why?
  • What role does marketing play in shaping adults? teenagers? You?

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