Just Say No…It’s Good for Your Brain!

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Everyone knows that the pressure to fit in with the crowd can sometimes be pretty intense, especially during those middle school days…and hitting the ‘high notes’ in high school.  Wanting to fit in isn’t necessarily a bad thing, depending on what/you you’re wanting to fit in with.  Saying ‘no’ to peer pressure can be a tricky thing, because it usually involves saying no to people we admire, respect and want to be around.  But can saying no actually have greater benefits than we may be aware of?  Recent studies have learned that saying no to peer pressure early on in life can actually help the brain develop cognitive patterns of resisting future tempting situations…making it easier to say no to risky behavior/situations as you grow.

Just as preteens begin dealing with intensifying peer pressure, certain regions in the brain are actually developing in such a way as to increase the ability to stand firm against risky behavior, according to researchers at three West Coast institutions.”  (from the article- Adolescent Brain Development Tied to Resisting Peer Pressure)

No one says its easy to just say no, but after all, doesn’t scripture speak to us about why it can be a difficult task, how we can do it, and the benefits of saying “no to temptations?  So kids…middle & high schoolers…keep standing firm in what you believe is right…and parents…keep instilling those godly values and principles into your children, because it’ll pay off down the road…if not through the findings of this study…then through the promises of God’s word!

When it comes to peer pressure and temptations, don’t be like Nike…just say no!


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