Site Updates

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

A few updates to let you in on;

Youth CultureWhat’s Trending? section is updated for this week, and I included a couple new posts…one on the resurrection, and another on the sleeping patterns of teens.

Family Corner– 2 new resources…52 Family Devotionals from Dr. Jim Burns (some are pretty good & useful…and a few are a little cheesy)…and an article by Dr. David Currie on something every parent will have to inevitably navigate through- Understanding and Surviving Your Teenager’s Rebellion.

Just 4 Fun– a random youth video on a great classic game- Carpet Ball…plus, learn how to make your very own carpet ball table for under $130!  Plus…a vid of a sick beat boxin chellist…nothing funny…just plain awesomeness!

Book Nook– This week’s featured book is Pastor Dad, from Mark Driscoll…including the link to this free e-book!

Blog Posts– There’s two posts from this past week…one is a review of sorts on Rob Bell’s new book, Love Wins…and the other is the above mentioned look @ the resurrection

Have a great week, and remember to take some time during Passion Week to reflect on the death and sacrifice Christ made for us…as well as the triumphant resurrection and victory over sin & death…Amen & Hallelujah!!


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