Putting the Resurrection on Trial

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Faith/Christianity
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With the Easter weekend around the corner, we find ourselves right in the midst of the passion week, which is being celebrated and reflected on by thousands of churches across North America, and throughout the world.  If you’re a teenager, your youth pastor has likely begun some level of discussion about the resurrection through preaching, small group study, or blogging.  If you’re a parent, you’re likely doing your best to weave the resurrection story into family readings and devotionals with your kids.   Wherever you’re at in your faith journey, this is one of those BIGGIE topics you need to know as you move along the path of discipleship.   It may seem like one of those big ‘academic’ topics that “I’ll take more interest in later on in the journey“, but this is something we all need to be knowledgable and sure of in our Christian faith.  And the sooner you know the facts, the sooner and more effective you’ll be in sharing the Gospel story with your friends! 

The resurrection is the crucial element in the Christian and gospel narrative.  If there is no resurrection, Christianity and evangelism is, in the words of the apostle Paul, in vain attempt…read the entire chapter of 1 Cor. 15!  For such a core element to the Christian faith, why is the resurrection doctrine often one of the most quickly discarded when sharing the gospel with our friends?  Well, in my opinion, I think there’s three main reasons;

  1. The Great Unknown– many Christians don’t have a very solid understanding of the resurrection, so rather than try to talk about something they really know nothing about, they avoid the conversation and focus on other aspects of the faith.  It may also be they have questions and doubts themselves.
  2. The Relationship Factor– even those that do have a good fundamental understanding of the resurrection (and other tenets of the Christian faith) may be reluctant to dig too deep due to the fear of compromising relationships.  Christians who have spent a good amount of time investing in relationships are not wanting to risk jeopardizing those in an attempt of getting into a ‘war of understanding’ (i.e. “I’m right, and your viewpoint is wrong!”).  This would ring especially true for those without that foundation of understanding…as who would want to get into a potentially conflicting conversation if you don’t have many facts up your sleeve?
  3. Bad Theology– there’s so much bad theology taught on the resurrection by some influential leaders, that those without a solid foundation to defend against the bad theology would rather just skip it…not wanting to risk the guilty-by-association tag that has been hung around the neck of Christianity.

Greg Stier, author, evangelist and founder of Dare 2 Share Ministries wrote a brief and handy little article that students (and anyone) can use in trying to make sense of the many questions they’ll get from friends, as well as their own questions on the resurrection of Christ.  I’m also including a video from Greg’s website on The Miracle of the Resurrection, with guest speaker Jeremy Hughey.  And one more resource for ya…well 10 actually!  Here’s a post from the Wintery Knight blog, with an excellent resource on defending the resurrection, with links to ten resources to help you on your way, including some from apologist William Craig Lane.


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