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Posted: April 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

What’s new @ Here and There…

Book NookBrett Ullman takes his Media.Faith.Culture. talk and churns it out in book form!

Family Corner– 2 articles, one adapted from Steve Argue on encouraging parents to Move Beyond the “Don’ts” of Sex…and another from The Source’s Jonathan McKee on challenging us to Raise the Bar in Teaching Values to our kids.

Just 4 Fun– a classic case of perception from the old classic comedy duo of Abbott & Costello (bottom of page)

Youth CultureWhat’s Trending? section is updated, Hot Button ?-of-the-week, a music discussion on Avril Lavigne’s song- What the Helland the results of a comprehensive research study Group Magazine did with 23,000 teenagers on what matters of faith, life, and what they felt their biggest needs were.  You can read all about Going Super Deep With Teenagers Pt. I (response from teens) and pt. II(rest of results, plus youth workers weigh in on the responses from teens).  You can also view the full set of survey questions used.

New Posts coming soon…it’s getting busy around here with T-ball practices & games!


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