Site Updates

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

We had a little ‘down time’ around here during spring break, so now that I’m back, here’s what’s happening @ Here and There…

Youth CultureWhat’s Trending? is updated, and with a new stat- Hot Products.  You’ll also find a quick word to all those teens and tweeners who rush out the door before snagging some breakfast…yeah I mean you!

Family Corner– more advice from Dr. Jim Burns in the Homeword section…How to Correct Behavior Without Crushing Character, and an excerpt from Group magazine: Timing is Everything (tips about when teens are most likely to open up).

Just 4 Fun– I just had to have one more kick at a little fun with Rebecca Black and the Friday video…so here’s a video I did to pass time while learning a new video editing program I just got (Sony Vegas).

Book Nook– this week’s featured book is geared for teens, but you can also find an ‘adult’ version of the book- Jesus Among Other Gods…check out the review!

…and there’s a new post- Youth: The Capacity to Change Their Status…and Our Worlddon’t forget to let us know what you think on the poll at the end of the post!!

Enjoy your week, and keep your eyes open for a couple more posts coming this week!


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