Site Updates…and Fighting a Stereotype!

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

For anyone that’s ever served in youth ministry, you know there’s certain stereotypes that are attached to youth pastors/youth workers…you know…

  • only work about 15 hours a week…and spend the rest of our time either playing video games, playing dodgeball, and eating pizza (or all the above)
  • unorganized, hygiene deficient, lacking certain social etiquette
  • big kids that have never quite grown up…and refuse to do so!
  • only using youth ministry as a way up the ladder until that CEO or CFO job comes along

I’m sure there’s many more stereotypes, both real and not-so realistic, that has been cast on youth ministry…so while we’re still trying to figure them all out, enjoy this music video from Simply Youth Ministry rap and visionary artist Jake Rutenbar…and judge for yourself!



Here’s some updated resources on Here and There;

Just 4 Fun– a couple new vids to make you giggle…with the above Fighting the Stereotype, a game called Ninja, and a Star Trekkie with Trickin moves!  (go to bottom of page)

Family Corner– 2 articles from Group magazine editor Rick Lawrence…Toxic Security addresses the oft-issue of ‘over-praising’ kids…and The Shallow-ized Brain– looking into the capacity of the attention span of youth, and factos behind it (in the time it took you to read this, teenagers have just texted 3 friends, sent a tweet and finished a level on an on-line game…but couldn’t remember what their homework assignment was!)

Youth CultureWhat’s Trending? stats have been updated for the past week, as well as Hot Button question of the week, as well as predictions into the gaming industry and fads/trends for 2010/2011.

Book Nook– feature of the week: How to Talk so Kids will Listen…and Listen so Kids will Talk

**Blog updates– Thank you to all who have replied to the survey from last week’s posting on The End of Best Friends?  If you haven’t already, you can still vote for a couple more days, and next week I’ll post the results.  Also, last months posting, Born This Way?  How the Church can Respond to Lady Gaga, and Homosexuality, has gained some attention recently.  A former youth from our ministry in Ontario posted some thoughts re: the post, and I thought maybe you’d be interested in seeing some of the comments posted since…some I’ve posted, and others I decided not to post due to certain language and ‘persuasion’ of other agenda!

Have a great week, and remember to live like one who is blessed!


  1. Bety Heppner says:

    Hi Shawn: This wonderful. Thanks for all your search, things to ponder and be informed.

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