Here & There Updates

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Here’s this week’s updates; (content with NEW= recently added within past 2 weeks)

Just 4 Funtwo new additions this week…one is a ‘mind-teaser’ from the UK, and the other is a game we all grew up playing…Connect Four…only this version is full contact!  Check it out @ the page bottom

Family Corner– new name…still great resources for parenting!  I’ve uploaded a great interview article with Dr. Paul Tripp on defining what successful parenting of teens looks like, as well as an article from Walt Mueller on allowing your teens to be the life of the party! (bottom of page)

Youth Cultureeach week you can find updates on what’s trending in the media arena by checking out the What’s Hot? section.  It’s a resource idea I gleaned from Jim Liebelt, and with a little extra web surfing, gave it a Canadian perspective…and you’ll also get movie reviews and trailers!  In addition, there’s a Hot Button Question of the Week section…this week’s question is on the issue of cutting.  Plus look for kickin web links, videos and youth  trends.


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