Here and There Updates

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey friends, just letting you know about some changes/updates to the site.  I’ve created a new section called Book Nook, which will spotlight and review books that I’ve read, currently reading, or have been recommended by authors, colleagues and friends.

I’ve also changed the names of a couple pages…Parents/Families is now simply called Family Corner.  Also, the Youth Culture & Trends section is now called Youth Culture…and the content inside both are still the same as before.

Inside the Youth Culture section, I’ve included several web links to sites that have relevance to teens/youth…with music, movie, entertainment reviews, extreme sports, devotionals, and much more.  There’s also a video from the Fuller Youth Institute asking the question: What Do You Need to Know After Youth Group? 

You’ll wanna check out the Just 4 Fun section and the newest video I’ve added…K-Strass, Yo-Yo Pro.  Also includes some discussion ?’s you can use!

And last, but not least, I’ve included a response to a concerned parent’s email re: some upcoming Same-Sex agenda that the BCTF may have in store for our BC school’s curriculum.  You can view that here

Have a great weekend, and God Blast ya’s! (in a good way!)



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