A Love Story? Addressing the Same-Sex Agenda in Schools

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Faith/Christianity, Parents & Families, Youth Culture & Trends
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I can’t wait to see the emails I’ll get for this one!  Yesterday I received an email from a concerned parent wanting some feedback on an email she received re: the BCTF’s proposed school curriculum for their Anti-Homophobia agenda coming up in April/May for BC schools.  You can read the PDF attachment she received from a representative of the Parents for Democracy in Education Society.  Basically, her question was “what is your response to this?”

Firstly, I am speaking on behalf of myself, and not on behalf of any organization…whether they agree or disagree with my opinion.  Secondly, I don’t want to get into a long, drawn out conversation on this, so in regards to my views on homosexuality/same-sex, you can refer to my posting last week; Born This Way?  As for this particular issue, well I was going to post a response to Rob Bell’s latest book, Love Wins, but I guess that will have to wait until next week!  

This is one of the hottest topics out there right now, and is certainly the target of many rocks being tossed from several different angles, and quite often with the absense of any love.  After receiving the forwarded email from this parent, I had a brief talk with the principal from my kid’s school, just to clarify if he had heard anything about this, and what the intention of the school was towards these BCTF proposals.  He had not heard anything from the elementary school level, and asked me to forward him the info I had received.

I don’t really have much knowledge about the BCTF, or Parents for Democracy in Education Society.  I can tell you (from my own personal observation of their website), that the PFDIES is a Christian-influenced organization with a ‘right wing’ message, although it could be easy, rightly or wrongly, to classify them as a ‘left wing’ movement of sort.  They certainly do raise some key issues in the BCTF’s attempt to indoctrinate our students/families with the message of total tolerance and acceptance of Same-Sex union.  What I do struggle with, is the manner in which they addressed those concerns in the above attached PDF, which uses condescending tone, and seems to promote a separate agenda…pulling our kids out of the public school system.  I applaud them for their passion and conviction to pursuing biblical and ethical standards in our public schools, but am disappointed in the manner in which they (PFDIES) handled it…at least in this particular instance.

So what’s my two cents? 

  • I would challenge parents to become aware of the issues and facts, and address them with their local school district in person.  I tend to shy away from rallies/demonstrations, as I don’t remember Jesus or the apostle Paul encouraging people to rally against governments/organizations…in fact we are called to the ridiculous notion of praying for our adversaries, and allowing Holy Spirit to work through us as agents of light!, and letting Him bring conviction, change.  I think there’s very few ’causes’ worth fighting, and consequently, dying for…other than THE CAUSE that Christ paid the ultimate price for. 
  • I agree with some of the suggestions the PFDIES has re: keeping your children out of school during the same-sex agenda days, as well as using the Love Story analogy (from PDF file) to talk about what true love really is,a nd isn’t!  You can read about the storyline behind the campaign yourself, and see the message they are trying to get into the minds and hearts of our children, but I think some of their other suggestions are to promote their own agenda.  If you do choose to keep your kids home, don’t just pull them out without reason…explain your decision to your local school, and district school board, and your disapproval of this agenda.
  • I agree we should teach our children about not using demeaning language (“you sissy”, “that’s so gay”, etc…), but that should be across the board, and not just focusing on the pro-homosexual agenda that the activists have. 
  • We always need to respond with the goal of having a conversation/debate, and not roaring into the corner looking for an argument! (Prov. 15:1-2).
  • I would definitely stand up for the rights of our kids in the school system, and to be proactive in my role as an informed parent in challenging decisions from the school board-level that involve unorthodox curriculum/teaching.
  • I would seek to promote unity and display the love of Christ in any and all circumstances (see below)
  • I do think it’s interesting that you cannot promote a Christian agenda in the school system, otherwise it’s discriminatory towards other faiths/groups…and be assured those groups will stand up and fight.  Yet whenever a Christian group stands opposed and raises their voice against another group…we’re labeled ‘homophobic’, ‘intolerant’, ‘hateful’, ‘bigots’, prejudiced’, ‘out-of-touch’,etc… 
  • I would be cautious in aligning myself with PFDIES, or any organization that may resemble an extremist viewpoint.  It’s not that everything they are saying is wrong…it’s how they are saying it that raises concern.
  • We should continually be working at imparting the word and knowledge of the Lord in our families, and being able to give reason for the hope we have, in any and all seasons/circumstances…especially in times of persecution for what we believe and hold to.

So if you’re a parent in BC, and you’re concerned about this proposed agenda, I think it’s worthwhile to address it…let’s just make sure we’re doing so in the right manner/attitude that would honor Christ, and His Kingdom.  After all, they know Him, and us, by our love, and His story is THE greatest love story of all…so let’s engage our culture with boldness, conviction and truth and share that love story!

What are your thoughts?

  1. Bety Heppner says:

    Hi Shawn: Thanks for you comments on Parents for Democracy in Education. Sometime ago I received their updates. I did no know what to think but thank you for taking the time to search in their web page. It is always good to know that we put things in perspective when somebody who knows the word of God and loves him to help us parents to direct our kids in the way that they have to go, Telling them the true but in love so they learn how to make their on decisions and choices when they are grown ups. So they know how to distinguish on what is good or right not on what it feels good but t at the moment but that they can put their trust on the everlasting principles of the Love Letter in the Bible as a solid foundation and absolute guidance for a life time.

  2. Vanessa says:

    I don’t think pulling your kids out of a same sex agenda day at school is the best idea. If you don’t agree with it that’s fine but don’t be ignorant in learning about it. If you like it or not kids will be going to school with other kids who have 2moms or 2dads not opening them up to that could make them intolerant, and if you preach love for all, intolerance isn’t an option. Wake up, this isn’t going to go away. If you don’t wanna let your kids learn and grow, keep them in a bubble, and prepare for a shock when they are old enough to decide for themselves.

    • Hey Vanessa…I think you raise some valid points to consider. We certainly don’t want to overreact to issues and just alienate ourselves from anything that seems out of our comfort or acceptance zone. Same sex parenting will certainly be on the rise, and our children, and us, will have to learn how to respond to a changing paradigm of our kids friends having a ‘mom and mom’ or ‘2 dads’. ABC’s Modern Family is one example of a level of intentional integration that is happening in society’s attempt to re-define the traditional family unit.

      I can’t speak for the PFDIES and their agenda, but I know for me it’s not about making a statement against specific people, its about a statement against a particular agenda/message. Yes our kids will have to adjust to a different system/message…but my beef is with agenda of using the issues of slander, bullying, etc…as a platform to promote total acceptance of a lifestyle choice.

      This is not about accepting someone as a person…a created child of God…we all need to learn to do that more effectively and lovingly. But society wants us to embrace the message behind it all, and I feel they are using this as a political and social agenda, without as much real care for the ‘individual’…be that gay, straight or bi. We should be preparing our kids to deal with what IS (that this culture issue is happening, and not likely to go away), but that as a Christian, this is not something the bible teaches OUGHT TO BE. And that is the great divide in all these cultural issues…just because something is happening, doesn’t mean it should be accepted, embraced and valued. It would be the same in any manner in which Christians try to promote a certain agenda…we get labeled hyopcrites, bigots, intolerant, etc…

      So in all that, my somewhat ‘agreement’ with the notion of keeping kids out of school for the promotion the Love Story day is based on making my voice heard on the agenda…not against any people. My opinions may change over time as my kids grow older…I don’t know, but that’s where I’m at now in my personal, and Christian convictions. It’s the battle of negotiating being IN the world, and not OF the world (John 17:14-15; Romans 12:1-2)

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