Prayer Covering Needed

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

On Tuesday morning I received the tragic news about a ministry colleague named Rob Hall, who died last week in a ‘freak’ accident while serving on the mission field in Zambia.  I didn’t know Rob very well, but we did serve as youth pastors in the Guelph/Cambridge area during my time @ Parkview Church.  We were part of the youth pastors network in the area, until Rob accepted the call to become sr. pastor of his church in Guelph. 

What I do remember about Rob was a mature, devoted, godly Christ-follower, and from the comments about him on his website, that was reflective in how he lived his life as a husband, father and ambassador of Christ.  If you could remember Rob’s family in the weeks and months ahead…his wife Kate and their children, Kathryn (6), Simeon (3), and Cameron (2), I know that prayer covering would be appreciated and much coveted during this obviously difficult season ahead. 

You can view the memorial site for Rob, and gain a better perception of the family you can pray for.  As one person commented, “…(Rob) lived the life most of us are afraid to live…”

Thank you friends;

All 4 His Call;



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