Clear Messages in a World of Mixed Perceptions

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Every artist has a message to say within their lyrics, and the fact that by listening to and purchasing their music, we  are, in essence, endorsing those messages.  I’m not saying that just because we listen to a certain song, that we morally and philosophically buy into the worldview of a particular artist…at least cognitively…but we do at least allow those messages to infiltrate into our own worldviews…if for nothing more than swirling about and chewing on a little!

Many of the messages artists are sending today are clear…and what I mean by ‘clear’ is that there is a specific tone and vernacular coming from the mind/heart of the artist in terms of what they believe philosophically, morally, spiritually, culturally, politically, relationally, sexually, etc…  And there are artists that send messages that are not clear at all…whether that’s due to poor writing, or to sending mixed messages.

One of the reasons I’ve included this section of the blog, is to give you access to what’s trending in the cultural mainstream of entertainment/media.  I’m not here to tell you what to do/think, but to give you some tools to investigate what’s ‘out there’ on your own, and to encourage you to use biblical wisdom and discernment in your media choices.  Regardless of what worldview you hold, God (through His revealed words in scripture) has called Christians to hold a higher view than that of contemporary society.  The lens in which we see the world has a tremendous effect in how we establish our morals, standards, convictions and character…and the entertainment/media culture is rolling out its own worldview 24/7 to anyone who will listen.  What is your standard and ‘measuring stick’ you use to follow culture? 

So this week, David R. Smith has included an excellent resource from his Youth Culture Window on The Source, as he takes a close look at the messages of the current top 5 songs on Billboard (as of Feb. 20, 2011), and how they align with a ‘Christian worldview.’


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