Why The Heck Haven’t I Done This More Often?

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Faith/Christianity

Okie dokie…you know those moments you have…the ones where you say to yourself…”self, why the heck haven’t we done this more often?”  Maybe for you it was that nice long walk along the beach, or that day at the spa…or perhaps it was serving at the local homeless shelter, or taking your spouse out on a date night…or even just taking time to get away for that much-needed weekend vacation for two.  For me, it was setting the time aside for a day (well…in this case, a half day) of prayer and focus on hearing from the lord. 

The past 3 months has been a whirl-wind of confusion, frustration, anger, pain, loss…mixed in with some learning and growth for Amy and I, and getting away one-on-one with God, if only for a few hours, was the best thing I could do to try to bring some calm to the storms.  My resolve for next time is to take a full 24 hour time period to get away with my bible, a pen, a note book…and nothing else but nature and the living God!  The next step would be to release Amy to do the same…some un-interrupted time away…which means daddy making sure he’s in top form to care for all 3 little McKnights…but I think I’ up for it…I had better be!  After that, I think it would be great for both Amy and I to get away and spend time in solo, as well as combined prayer for a retreat together.

So why get away for a prayer retreat?  Well, without stating some obvious reasons of dependence on the Lord (for those of us that are committed Christ-followers and sometime need those obvious reminders!)…here’s a few reasons;

  • Jesus modeled the importance of taking time away from the busyness of life…and getting away for undistracted time with the Father (Matt. 14:22-23; Mark 6:45-46; John 6:14-15)
  • It’s a chance to invest in exercising your mind, heart, spirit, and body (go for a walk, hike…)
  • We give ourselves permission to ‘pull over’ on life’s highway shoulder, and just rest a while!
  • We take time to seek God’s face/presence…not just His hand (meaning…we’re okay with just being in His presence and allowing Him to talk and reveal, without us simply going to the Lord to ask Him to do something for us)
  • Our dependence on God is re-inforced, and re-centered away from the myriad of obstacles life throws our way…even the good ones (family, jobs, leisure, etc…).  When we position ourselves intentionally to hear from God…guess what? IT WORKS! (it might not always be in our timing, or during that specific retreat time-frame, but believers in Christ call on the name of the Lord, He will not remain silent- Ps. 4:3; 34:15-17; Jer. 33:3)
  • Life’s tensions have a way of surfacing in a much healthier manner, in which we can take focused time to seek the areas in our lives that Jesus would want us to allow Him to work on.  So instead of fighting the tension and burrying it, we willfully submit it to Christ, and see it worked through in health and wholeness.  Remember…not all tension is bad…sometimes it’s just a reminder that something isnt quite right, and needs to be addressed!  This is much easier to deal with when we arent the ones trying to deal with it…but instead giving Christ permission to reveal and heal the stuff within us that is starting to smell rotten…whether we’ve put it there, or it’s been dumped on us…and allow Him to bring rest (Matt. 11:28-30).

So there’s a few reasons why you should go on a prayer day/retreat…this week I’ll share some insights into how to go about doing this, and some nuggets from my most recent experience.  As I write this, Amy and I are getting ready to head to a retreat called Oasis, facilitated through Power to Change ministries.  We’ve made arrangements to spend a week together with 4 other couples who have also had a tough journey in ministry leadership, and to ask the Lord to reveal how we can grow through these times, and move ahead in health, unity and confidence in His calling to serve faithfully in the body and community of Christ.  I’ll be sharing insights and highlights from this journey next week!

In the meantime, here’s some pics of the prayer day I went on last week @ Cedar Springs Retreat Centre in Sumas, Wa.


So until next post (probably Wednesday), have a blessed week and may God blast ya!! (in a good way )


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