Sticks & Stones- The Power of Words in the World of Cyber-Bullying

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Keeping on par with my focus on social media & technology this week, here’s a couple articles, one from a two-part CTV News report, and one from  on the new wave of bullying that has crept into  the playing field over the past few years.  Facebook ain’t just for those wanting to share pics and status updates anymore! 

If you have any stories on how you, or someone you know has dealt with cyber bullying, I’d love to hear about it!  As parents, this is something that many of us, and our children, will unfortunately have to deal with at some point during the school years…and sometimes…beyond.  How can we as parents use the admonishment of the apostle Paul in Ephesians 4:29-32 to encourage our kids in the wise use of our words, and to live intentionally in harmony with each other?  Now that my friends…would be a step of radical, counter-cultural movement in a society that embraces risky behavior!

  1. Christina says:

    It’s critical that we as parents talk about it with our kids. One of the more important things we can do is be a relevant parent – be on Facebook, be alert and away of what is being said to and about your children. I’m not talking about a total invasion of privacy here but be “friends” with your son or daughter. You’ll have the inside track right off the start.

    • great thoughts Christina…the best way I think we can be relevant with our kids is to just be available and involved. That may not mean we connect with everything in their world, nor do I think we should be striving for that. But for us as parents to be intentional in knowing what’s going on, and then following that up with taking the time to sit and chat with our children.

      You’ll need to discern when to engage, and when to back off, but showing the care and interest to enter into their world shows you’re willing to take a risk for your kid’s sake. That’s all about the trust factor in families…not invasion of privacy, but a shared accountability and investment to journey together as a family…and setting boundaries, because believe me, even if your kids say they aren’t…they’re looking for defined boundaries…because if we don’t define them…our kids will either define thier own, or because extremely confused as to what is acceptable or not….or both!

      • it’s also worth noting that, for this particular blog issue, that anytime we can challenge and encourage our kids in the appropriate use of words and expression (especially online ‘tone’)…the more manageable it becomes to diffuse some of these sensitive cyber bulleying issues…whether as the victim, or aggressor. If we really know our kids, that’s half the battle (remember G.I. Joe! in determining the next steps of defending or confronting.

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