Skin Is In

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Youth Culture & Trends

‘Skin’ is in

It doesn’t take the experts in youth culture to wake us up to the fact that there’s definitely a wave of shows on TV that are attracting young viewers with an over-exposure of skin, drugs, violence, sexuality and indulgence.  I mean take a look around at what your teens can be watching these days- 90210, Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, Nip/Tuck, and the newest show to hit the cable wires- MTV’s Skins

It’s no secret that Canadian broadcasting standards are on the lenient side of the liberal wing, but MTV’s adaptation of the UK’s show, Skins, is pushing just about every limit on what’s appropriate viewing for teens…and even adults!  I’m a fan of the CBS show Hawaii Five-O, a remake of the ‘70/80’s hit crime drama, but watching an episode this week (a panoramic shot during a beach scene) reminded me of just how far we’ve come…or should I say fallen, in our standards of what is deemed normal/appropriate content…and what is deemed risqué or too much?  I don’t want to be the 40 year old prude who covers his eyes while yelling “run for your lives…our culture is going to hell!!”, but I really fear for our younger generation that is being overrun with sexuality without accountability.

What I mean by that is all these shows glamorize sexual freedom and indulgence in epic proportion, yet outside of break-up’s (which usually result in another ‘hook-up’), there really doesn’t seem to be any real consequences for their explicit and raucous actions.  Take, for example, the new MTV reality show Skins, which is an adaptation of a British show bearing the same name (and bearing more than just a name!).  The standard the media world is setting for our children is greatly rescinding the boundaries of morality and sexual standards. 

We truly are battling darkness and impurity on a constant basis, where society has turned its eyes away from purity and moral rightness, and become hardened and de-sensitized (see Eph. 4:17-19).  But the good news is that the Apostle Paul gives us the scoop on how we can counter-attack this battle against the flesh, and to bring light to expose the darkness (Eph. 4:20-32). The key to the battle is to be willing to engage it.  Check out this article from Dave R. Smith about his thoughts on the ‘skin’ battle, and some ways that we as parents and youth workers can be informed and engaged as agents of His light!

All 4 His Call;



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